MetalFAB1 Quality Assurance And 3D Systems’ Lack Thereof

I believe the new 3D printing system from Additive Industries, MetalFAB1, will include 3DSIM and PrintRite3D. Additive Industries has acted in a certain manner and described the 3D printing system in such a way that makes me believe the new machine will include both technologies for quality assurance. Additive Industries’ announcements for technological cooperation with Sigma Labs (SGLB) 12/10/14 and the partnership with Brent Stucker to support 3DSIM 01/14/15 did not go unnoticed. In fact, these announcements were very intriguing as both technologies use predictive analysis for the enhancement of repeatability, quality, and productivity. Meanwhile, Additive Industries has remained tight-lipped about exact specifications for their 3D printing system, only revealing that the capabilities will include reproducibility by a smart calibration strategy, optimized product consistency, and quality by improved process flow. I will present evidence to support my suspicion that Additive Industries’ next-generation 3D printing system will include 3DSIM and PrintRite3D technologies.
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