Mini Metal Maker, Affordable Metal Clay 3D Printer, Relaunches on Indiegogo to Fund Mass Production

Affordable metal 3D printing seems like the Holy Grail of additive manufacturing. The ability to print items with metal, on the fly, at prices which don’t break the bank could be a boon for several key markets, like that of the jewelry market. The problem though, is that most printers which fabricate metal objects cost upwards of $1 million, typically out of reach for most small businesses and hobbyists.
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The Mini Metal Maker

The Mini Metal Maker from David Hartkop on Vimeo.
The Mini Metal Maker is a small 3D printer that fabricates with precious metal clay. It lets you create objects in 3D with a modeling program like Autocad or Blender and print them in this high-quality material used by the jewelry industry. Once fired in a kiln, your object will be composed of high purity solid metal. Metal clay types include sterling silver, gold, copper, brass, bronze, iron and steel. The Mini Metal Maker lets engineers, designers, artists, and jewelry artisans perfect their designs in metal, all from a desktop environment.
(Quelle: Vimeo)